Story of TA-OSH

In order to tell my story, I have to also tell the stories of the extraordinary women who influenced my talent and existence. This page simply isn't large enough for that.


I am a derivative of a long line of seamstresses and artists. My mom, worked most of her career in a sewing factory.  More specifically, the company that produces the GaranAnimals brand of children's clothing.  In her spare time, she would sew, crochet, draw, paint, build things. There isn't much she can not do. 


Starting from the beginning, I was raised in a small rural village in Central Louisiana.  I grew up as a typical country girl. Paper dolls were one of my favorite things along with making clothes for my real dolls. Everyday was spent with the intent to make or create or do something different then the day before. Two of my favorite things to date are getting creatively messy and camping.

Hand sewing was all I was allowed to do until I was about 7 or 8 years old. Sewed my finger once or twice. As a teen, I spent my class time doodling designs in my notebooks. Most of my clothing was handmade. The latest fashion trends were quite expensive so my mom always figured out a way to duplicate the hottest looks for less. The black dress is my senior prom gown that I designed and constructed by my mom of course.  

What was I going to be when I grew up? ....Surely a Fashion Designer.


But first, I joined the Army National Guard. Then, a lot of college, a kid, mental regroup, marriage, more college, another kid, divorce, alcohol, new life, single parenthood, more alcohol and full blown life adjustment.


Few years later, I opened Polenamics a pole dance/fitness studio in downtown New Orleans along with the start of my clothing brand iNClusive Designs. It was all a short lived double venture unfortunately. I moved to the east coast after a successful audition landing a job pole performing at a lovely dinner and a show restaurant, Sax Lounge DC. I found myself creating costumes for the show as no surprise. Once again, I revisited the clothing line again. This time with a new name, TA-OSH.


And back to Louisiana I go. I dunno, life just couldn't get right. Hopeless and defeated, I found myself right back at a sewing machine. I decided it was time to dive in wholeheartedly and make a strong effort to reach this dream goal. 


P.O. Box 885

Simmesport, LA 71369

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