Alteration Policy

Alterations are scheduled by appointment only, this ensures that all alterations are booked in an organized manner and completed in the order received. It also increases the effectiveness of processing and helps reduce turnaround times.  Organization plays a huge part in the effectiveness of all we do. It is important that customers book alterations in a minimum of 7-14 days prior to deadlines or special events.

We do not provide a fit guarantee for the lifetime of the garment.



Taosh will not be held responsible for ill fitting garment alterations if:


  • Customers measurements have dramatically changed from the date of measurement to the date of final fitting. 

  • Measurements from outside source are deemed incorrect.

  • Customer fails to make themselves available for required fittings.

  • The customer goes against the confirmed measurements of our staff.

  • The customer insists on a particular measurement or style against the recommendation of the staff. 

Additional fees will also incur in the event of numerous alterations

as a result of customer indecisiveness.