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The Design Process

The custom garment making process begins with the customer deciding on a design, style elements and choosing fabric. It is our pleasure to guide each client through the design process. We aim to create a well fitting garment of the highest quality in the style and fit the client envisions. How well we capture that vision is dependent upon how well a client articulates their preferences and desires concerning the overall elements of the garment. 

Any changes in design, fabric or style during the garment design process OR changes made after the garment is finished may result in:

Delay in the completion process.

Deadline not meet.

Additional labor costs.

Alterations charges. 



Measurements are taken based on the garment design.  We prefer to take measurements for all of the custom garments we produce. This is to reduce errors in measurement, ill fitting garments and additional alterations. However, under certain circumstances we will accept measurements from an outside source.  Garments made using measurements not taken by Taosh staff are subject to the standard NO RETURN and NO REFUND policy.

Any alterations needed as a result of inaccurate

measurements will incur additional fees.

Measurement appointments are available on our online scheduling service.

Use our online scheduling service to also schedule a video chat walkthrough to acquire measurements.

Available on FACETIME or FB Messenger. Must have an existing order in progress and deposit paid. 



An initial deposit is required prior to making the fabric order.  We do not collect any additional fees for the ordering of fabric.  Only the cost of the fabric and special notions is what each customer can expect to pay (plus shipping if applicable). Deposits may be paid via, PayPal payment request, Paypal Invoice, CashApp ($taosh) or Cash. The remaining balance is due upon completion of the garment or at the final fitting. 



Fabric is ordered from many different fabric stores and wholesalers. Most shops specialize in certain types of fabric. Taosh provides fabric ordering free of charge however clients may purchase the fabric/materials themselves and deliver or ship it to us.  A 50% labor/design deposit is required to process order. 


Fitting Scheduling

For the first fitting, a staff member will contact the customer requesting the scheduling of the fitting. All fittings MUST booked online at the customers convenience.

The second fitting is the clients opportunity to make any minor changes to the garment. Any and all additional changes should be discussed and that time. In some cases, the 2nd fitting can be the final fitting. The garment will be released in the event that the balance is settled.

At the final fitting, customers should be prepared to pay the final balance. If there are additional changes needed, those changes will be made within 7-10 business days. 


Balance Payment

The final payment is due upon completion of the garment. 

Customer will be given a grace period of 45 days to pay the balance. Taosh reserves the rights to ownership of the garment, including rights to sell the garment after 45 days of non-payment of services.




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