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We prefer to take the measurements of all our clients however we accept measurements from clients, tailors or seamstresses. 

Measurements taken by outside sources,

must follow the guidelines provided by Taosh.

 Taosh reserves the right to place an order on hold if measurements are questionable. Customer will be notified of this hold via email.

A strict





policy applies to the design and alterations of garments processed using measurements not taken by Taosh or it's staff members. 

Taosh will not take any responsibility for measurements from an outside source that are deemed incorrect. 

Customers whose measurements have dramatically changed

from the date of measurement to the date of final fitting will be charged additional fees for alterations. It is the responsibility of the customer to contact us to update any changes in measurements.

If the customer goes against the confirmed measurements of our staff, Taosh reserves the right to refuse service and issue a full refund for services if paid in advance.

If customer insists on a particular measurement against the recommendation of the staff, Taosh reserves the right to refuse services and issue a full refund for the services if paid in advance.

Additional fees will also incur in the event of numerous alterations as a result of customer indecisiveness.

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