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Another new toy....

Got a new toy....It is a great little tool to heat cut (heat seam???) the edges of chiffon and other light weight fabrics. They are a pain to hem and some of them ravel something awful. My soldering iron works well but this device had different attachments and 4 heat settings.

So far, I have figured out that the hot knife attachment is great for cutting but doesn't work well at melting the fibers. The blade is too thin it seams. The universal point seems to work perfectly for even cutting. This is more difficult to achieve with the soldering iron. I will be finishing up my project much easier with this Versa-Tool. Work smarter not harder they say!!! Oh, and I have to tell my mom she was right. She said it would work better than my soldering iron. I told her it probably wouldn't work and it would be a waste of money. Well, I actually said, "Aint nobody paying $30 for that"! Nonetheless.....I was wrong. I am way to excited at 11:43pm. I was suppose to go to bed an hour ago.

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