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Bridal Koozie

If you are going to a #bridalbarcrawl you must have a white ensemble, kick-ass shoes and of course, a bridal kooozie. I would say that I didn't go to win but I was secretly gunning for a win of some sort. "MOST ORIGINAL".....very suiting for all areas of my life. The shoes are a actually a pair of black thigh-high boots that I refurbished. Aren't they everything?! The outfit was something I just threw together minutes before the event started. It is a two and skirt with a very long tulle overlay that just ties on. The story behind the koozie.....Well, even pretend brides need a bouquet right?! My immediate thought was, "Uughh, I don't want to carry a bouquet all night". Plus, I needed at least one hand free for drinks and the other for counter balancing in these major heels. New Orleans has beaucoup brick walkways and uneven sidewalks.....It was quite the obstacle course bar hopping. Anyway, I came up with a functional purpose for the bouquet by having it double as a cup holder "koozie" is what it is called. It was a little tricky to use at first. Even more difficult to dance without spilling....FYI. They are really easy to make. It is best to buy the bouquet base. Attach a koozie to the top of the base first (I covered this one with white fabric). Then, add the flowers and accessories of your choice. Fill your cup up with any adult beverage or juice if you are lame and there you have it!!! #koozie #bridalkoozie #koozies #customkoozies #bridesmaidkoozies #bridalcrawl #bridalbarcrawl #bridalbarcrawlNOLA #taosh

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