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Business Card Journey

I happened to have a few business cards from over the years and came across a very dated one. This reflects the not just the business card journey but my journey as business owner. From the moment I set out to sew and design professionally, I figured the road would be long. It took a few years to get here but I see why. I wasn’t ready. Plus, it wasn’t my time. And I most certainly wasn’t ready in 2002 or 2004 during my very first attempts at it.

All the business cards that came before the

se were most likely not worth showing. So, I’m kinda glad I couldn‘t find any of them. They were made from regular cardstock and printed with my inkjet printer. Moisture of any kind would melt my whole business card away.

In New Orleans (after Katrina), I was working really hard and had the extra funds to work on my sewing dreams again. I did alterations mostly. I made a few collections and did some consignment pieces. My first real business card was made by my landlord who also owned a printing company. It included a dress I made earlier that year.

While working as a performer at SAX in DC, I doubled as costume designer which left me crafting and sewing all the time. That was the jumpstart I needed to get back to the business idea. I created a quick business card using NEXTDAYFLYERS.COM I loved polka dots!

Moved back to the good ole’ state of Louisiana and the only thing I could do for work quickly was my craft. I thought it was a sign that it was my time. I decided to create a cleaner looking business card. Truth is, I had no money. But I built a free version of a website and purchased a few cards to make it look like I had it all together.

One year into Ta-osh as a thriving business, I realize my business cards need updating. The skintone mesh business was growing and I also needed a business swatch card. Most fabric sellers use a brochure style card but those were out of my financial reach. I came across the folding cards and they turned out to be perfect for swatches. And they double as a business card.

It’s 2020 and this is where we are. I loved reflecting on the progression of not only the cards but the business and myself. One card for everything!

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