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On the levee in this heat.

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

So, I am in love with these chiffon vests. I think I will have every color eventually, for my personal collection that is. However, this is how I spent some my day. Making vests and carrying a mannequin that is bigger than me up a levee to take pictures of said vests. My neighbors thought I was disposing of a body at first. LOL! I saw them peeking.

Here are a few shots. Nothing fancy. The vests come in a number of colors and print options. Complete custom sizing and design options, But what makes these chiffon vest different?....Glad you asked. I have created a few different styles and looks based on the actual cut of each vest and they are seamless. The edges are heat cut so that they do not ravel. What you talkin' bout Taosh??? Basically, different shapes create different looks. For example, our crop vest has a draped look in the front and short (above the waist) with a straight hem in the back. Our long vest drapes in the front. has a straight hem in the back but it is knee length. We also have triangle shaped vests that give a draped angled look in the front and pointed look in the back. The triangle vest comes in single, double and quadruple layered options. In the works, is a semi circle look. Keep an eye out for this item. Custom sizing and custom length options are available as always. This is how we cater to all sizes and body types. So, I encourage everyone to utilize this option.

I know it looks like a simple garment and compared to garments I usually make it very much is. However, I enjoy toying around with fabric shapes just to see what I can come up with. A few of these are currently available online. #geometry #angles #shapes

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