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"Penny Lane" Jacket #2

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

If you missed the first one, here is the blog link.

This time with a bit more confidence and skill...or at least I think so. I'm totally amazed at how popular this piece really is.

Once again, I recreated the jacket with a few personalizations. Unfortunately, I endured the same level of intense labor with the dyeing process. I was a bit smarter about it this go-round. Instead of the original kelly green dye, I decided to go with a darker green to start. The best decision I have made this year! There were some dye struggles but not nearly as many as the first attempt. My thought process was to increase the dye amount in order to dye the fabric faster. NOPE! Epic fail. Took some sample clips of fabric along the way to track the dye progression. It was slow, very slow. Hours and days, boiling and soaking. In an effort to use the least amount of water possible, the sampling method helped me achieve that. This way the fabric would go through fewer rinse cycles, like one. A good soak and a couple of rinses once I was satisfied with the end color. One thing I think I will change is the amount of fabric dyed at once. Not as strong as I once was. Cutting the pattern first and then dyeing might be a better solution along with a hot water presoak.

The design....well ya'll know how I do! I like to freestyle mostly everything, so this is me freestyling as usual. I really tried to capture the process but as a creative, I am in the zone. As I am zoning, I forget about the content. Here are a few shots though. One of the quilting processes. Experience quilters please show mercy, I do my best! And the ruffles that I am still mastering. All in all it was a success!

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