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Route 1 Box 682

Back roads, corn fields, levees, peacefulness......this is my hood! The photo is the view a little further down the lane from my parents house. Sometimes there was corn planted in the field, cotton or soybeans. But this is basically what I saw everyday I looked outside my bedroom window. I definitely did not appreciate this view when I was younger. Most people here would say, "Ain't nothing round here. You gotta get away from here so you can do good". Well, I did just that. I left as fast as my feet would take me. No looking back. I then believed that all the amazing things that would ever happen in my life would be on the outside of those boondocks. It would take me coming back as an adult to really feel the power of this view. Reflection helped me understand the wealth of life I always had even though at the time it didn't seem like much. In this great big world, I experienced many many things, places, moments, jobs and life lessons. After recently redefining my idea of "success", I can truly acknowledge ALL of my successful life moments. With that, I could finally embrace the struggles as they are a part of that success. So, here I am back in the boondocks. At first it felt like someone had snatched me from the head of the race and forced me to restart from the beginning. I wasn't very happy to say the least. Luckily, I am..... Still resilient. Still dreaming. Still reaching. Strategically. life delivered me right back to the place where it all began. Back to the place where my dreams felt too big to achieve. Back to the window sill runway where I used to prance my paper dolls wearing handmade paper clothes. Back to the place where you created what you wanted out of what you already had. Back to the place that give me everything I needed and all that I didn't know I needed. Back to the place where I dreamed of fashion. Back to the place where I already had everything I needed to be great. Here I am after many years, finally embarking upon a small piece of a big dream I thought could never happen at Route 1 Box 682.

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