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Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Say NO MORE to the days of ill matching nude mesh and illusion garments!

Custom dyeing skin tone colored fabric is a product that I have been working on and perfecting for the last 2 years. Lots of time, energy, fabric, dye and patience goes into the process of redefining the color NUDE.

Few companies have made attempts at offering shades of brown shades. None have come close to the number of shades created by TAOSH. Currently there are 95+ skin tone shades (listed and unlisted). Approximately 75 shades are available for purchase. Each color has a tasty color name followed by a 3-digit color number (SKU). 🥥🍌🍫🍰🧁


All stretch type mesh is NOT created equal!

Below is a short list of the fabric types offered in skin tone shades.

Stretch Mesh (SMESH)

Power Mesh (POWER)


Illusion Mesh (ILLUS)

We are currently testing:

*stretch tulle


*stretch lining

Options for these fabrics will be limited and offered on a custom order basis.


The skin-tone shades vary in color and glorious undertones which is why there is such a range of color options. Some of the shades are just slightly lighter or darker than the other. These are differences that a camera may not always truly capture. Not to mention lighting, individual color perception and device screens. Ordering without using a swatch is a risk! Swatches make life easier!


  1. Full Set (All the melanin!)

  2. Color Sets (10 color set options)

  3. Single Swatch (Offered on

Swatches are currently offered in ONE fabric medium currently (SMESH). There has been much success thus far using SMESH to color match and duplicate color in other fabric mediums. Swatch options in terms of fabric type is still in its beginning stages. We are slowly growing our swatch library to include all fabric mediums.

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