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Treasure Chest

Updated: May 7, 2018

This is a throw back project! A friend/coworker asked me to make props for a dance recital. I think he just expected me to draw the image on poster board and paint it. Well, I made functional treasure chest that looked much more real than I expected it would. The bottom base was made with a wooden box. I used cardboard boxes to build up the height on the sides and the top was made with cardboard as well. For the wood look, I used acrylic paint (white, tan, yellow, brown, black, metallic silver and gold) and hot glue to create the texture of wood. I also used hot glue to create the tacks along the gold trim. The gold trimming are strips of cardboard painted with gold spray paint. The latch and metal look decorations are sequin fabric. #taosh #taoshdesigns #taoshthrowback #propsandthangs #treasurechest

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