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Whelp, let's try not to do that again.

This sewing love affair all started well before my first experience on a "real" sewing machine. I kept my eye on that old singer sewing machine. Sometimes I would sit on the stool and pretend to sew. .Since I was only 7 years old, I had only been allowed to touch the sewing machine with assistance. A typical rule for any child dealing with machinery I suppose. I had always had my own tiny little kid version of a sewing machine. It just didn't go fast enough for my liking. I needed speed..... I was born a professional seamstress and I could feel it in my soul. One chance sewing on the "real" machine by myself was all I needed to prove it. Well, that moment arrived and I pressed the presser foot down as far as it would go. The needle was sewing as fast as the motor would allow. I was so excited that it didn't even hurt when I realized I had sewn my finger. It went straight through and I learned the hard way that the fastest speed might not be the way to go. I slowed it down for the most part but I have overheated a few sewing machine motors over the years. #taosh #taoshdesigns #taoshstories #myfingerisfine #hardlessons #sewingmachinewins

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