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Alterations will be available on Saturday Only.

Drop-off time slots are between 8am-11 am and 1pm-6pm


Use this listing to pay or use it to calculate the total for all of your alterations.

Visit the services page to book your slot. 


Choose the uniform color.

Select a garment type.

Pick an alteration type.


After that, you can enter the number of garments.


Please repeat the process for items of a different color, different garment types and different alteration requests.


Example: If you have 3 pairs of blue pants that need hemming, then choose  navy, pants, hem and 3 for the quantity. Likewise, for 2 khaki pants needing hem and waist adjustment. Choose khaki, pants, hem & waist adjustment then enter 2.


Choose the number of alterations needed. 
Hem $5 
Pants Leg Taper $10
Waist Adjustments $5

School Uniform Alterations

Uniform Color
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