Welcome the Vanilla section....an array of light tones to choose from!

Also listed are the 2018 shade comparisons.


100 Creole Cream one shade lighter than 130.

102 Creole Cream ***OC 2018*** slight more golden tone than 100.

125 Creole Cream ***OC Dreamsicle 2018***

NOTE: Creole Cream is included in the description for color comparison purposes only. To purchase, go to the Creole Cream individual listing.

129 Vanilla Cream comparable to 130 with blush undertones. 

130 Vanilla Cream ***OC 2018*** is slightly ligher than 131.

131 Vanilla Cream ***OC Vanilla 2018*** is a shade lighter than 140.

140 Vanilla one shade darker than 131 and less golden than 150. 

150 Vanilla Wafer ***OC 2018*** is slightly mor golden than 140

151 Vanilla Wafer is slightly more golden than 150. 

160 French Vanilla ***OC 2018*** is comparable to 029 Blush with tan undertones.

161 French Vanilla is a shade lighter than 162 and a shade darker than 160.

162 French Vanilla is a shade darker than 161.


We currently offer many different shades. The colors are designed to match most skin tones and make any illusion style garment truly flawless. A gem to designers/seamstresses! Visit our shop for listings of all the shades!!


Fabric Varieties Offered:

Power Performance Mesh**** 96% Nylon/4% Spandex (POWER)

Stretch Power Mesh*** 90% Nylon/10% Spandex (SMESH)

Stretch Tulle ** 90% Polyester/10% Spandex (STULLE)

2-Way Stretch Mesh* (2-WAY)

Super Power Mesh*****  (SUPER) Compression Type

Illusion Mesh******(ILLUS) 100% Nylon

A photo example of fabric types and stretch percentage can be found in the listing photos. We have also included a side by side comparison of mesh options against a solid background. 

Fabric is sold by the yard 
(0.5 yard, 1 yard, 1.5 yard, and 2 yards)
Fabric is dyed in small batches to assure color consistency.
*Please be advised that the phone/computer screen color may not reflect the true color of the fabric.

To match the perfect color, we suggest ordering a set of color swatches prior to purchasing. See separate listing for swatch ordering.

Width: 59 inches

Content: Varies

Care: Hand wash separately, No bleach, Line dry and Do not iron

Note: Above are the care instructions per the fabric manufacturer. Fabric is able to withstand light heat however high heat will melt the fabric. The fabric is rinsed clear of dye prior to shipping. However, it is important to do a light wash/rinse prior to pairing the dyed fabric with white or light colored fabric. Keep fabric away from extreme heat and sunlight as the color will fade over time. 


Fabric By the Yard
Mesh Options

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