There is no proven handmade mask that will 100% prevent the contraction of this virus. Lots of good information and lots of conflicting information circulating. 

Firstly, I am NOT a subject matter expert. 
Secondly, its hard to know what to believe, trust or do in all this madness! But what my common sense says is may be better to have A mask than no mask at all. Effectiveness seems to be in the layers, fabric type and overall design. 

There are alot of mask patterns out there. Plus, alot of debate on how they should be sewn and what fabrics to use. This is the update version of what I used.
So, I read that surgical masks were made from a polypropylene fabric—OLY FUN fabric is 100% polypropylene. It is also made in China which may be of some concern. Just being transparent! Well, I have alot of it and so I put it in there. 🤷🏽‍♀️ 

These are all white cotton knit blend fabric (like the t-shitrts). The two inside layers are polypropylene and a flannel square. Yes, it is breathable. And these are the most comfortable I have made by far. Elastic on the inside seams (top/bottom). Spandex rouleau ear straps but if its too big you can lace a ribbon through and tie in the back at the desired tightness. 
The fabric steam pressed in the process of creating and then washed in boiling water and dried. You will need to gauge for yourself if that counts as sterile enough or not. 

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White Cotton 4 Layer Mask

Fabric Type

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