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We strong advise each customer to consider scheduling services well in advance, especially services needed for garments with a deadline.  Customers who require rush services may be charged an additional 50% of the service costs. The exact amount will be calculated and discussed prior to the agreement to render services. Client must be available for any and all fittings as this is important for the timely and accurate completion of the garment. It is the responsibility of the customer to fully communicate dates of special events or deadlines for garments. 

However, no guarantees are made and Taosh holds no responsibility for meeting any deadlines. Taosh reserves the right to refuse any rush service if the completion of the service in the time requested is not possible. Refusal of services may also be based on number of current orders and/or complexity of the garment request. The inability to acquire necessary elements to complete the order may be a factor regarding service refusal. Fabric/notion locating, fittings, material ordering and shipping time are all factored into the overall processing time for custom orders. Please be aware that, there are many factors involved in the custom garment design process. All parts of this process must be aligned to produce a quality product in a reasonable time frame.

Turnaround Time And deadlines

Simple garments/items 

30 - 45 days

and for more

complex garments/items

60 - 90 days or more.  

custom garment


Simple alterations

5 - 10 days

and for more

complex alterations

14 - 30 days.  

Rush Service Fee

The RUSH service fee of 50% of the service cost applies to 

services requested in less than the minimum number of completion days.

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