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7 Days.....7 Nights

Yep, seven days straight of flower pedal making, dyeing fabric, ruffle manipulating and pure stress.

Regular White Organza (3 yards)

Glittered White Organza (3 yards)

Cafe Creme Satin (5 yards)

Embroidered Lace “Cafe Creme”(.5 yard)

Reversible “Blush“ Sequin Fabric (.5 yard)

White Spandex (6 yards)

2 yards of boning

6 yards of 1 inch horsehair

4 yards Pellon interfacing

Rit DyeMore colors Pink and Sandstone

I should have created this blog post as I was working on this because it‘s now a blur of items used.

Basically, I used what I had available in my stash. I began with the Cafe Creme satin but I soon realized that I didn’t have enough to create the design I had in my brain. Then the idea to dye other fabric to match peeked it’s head. So, I dyed the spandex first. It took a few tries to get the Cafe Creme color. Don’t ask me to duplicate it because I’m not sure exactly how I did it. Once I got close to the original color, I was done!!!!

If that wasn‘t enough, I then had to figure out how to pull together the organza which started off white. White would have been okay but my goal was extraordinary! So, I dyed the organza too! It dyes quite different so I ruined the first yard or so. Meaning, it was a color I couldn’t use for this project. Nothing gets wasted around here. In short, I created a few different shades of blush that wasn’t exactly a match. I was tired of dyeing at this point.

On to the cutting/making of flower petals.....

It took a few attempts before I settled on a particular method. I choose the one that took less time and thought. I stopped counting at 500 but I am sure there are at least 1000+. Each one was carefully layered. And fabric glued because I only had a week.

That ruffle....not exactly what I envisioned but came out great. It had to be hand stitched to the dress because it was so stiff. Plus, that was the only way to make it do what I wanted it to do.

It zips in the back but I should have made it a corset.

I could barely breathe in it!

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