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Perfect Skin-tone Matching Fabric for EVERYONE!!!

I'm pretty sure somewhere someone makes flesh tone fabrics. But I just did not have time to hunt it down so I decided to brand my own. I toyed around with a few color samples but never really experimented with all the possible color combinations achievable, until today. Plus, I had to create a "recipe" for each color and it involved a inconvenient amount of math that my brain wasn't ready for. It is prom season and nude style dresses are very much in. The plan was to get ahead of the guess work and reduce the amount of failed attempts at creating the correct color. Ultimately, I got it done and managed to snap some great photos of the results. They are posted on the site and available for purchased (half yard to 2 yard cuts only). Swatches are also available to borrow or purchase. It really is an easy DIY project however it takes quite a bit of time to explore each color. I used RIT DYEMORE (Sandstone/Chocolate Brown), power mesh fabric and spandex. All the colors have fun tasty names!!! If you don't see your melanin type, let me know and I will try and create it. #whatsyourmelanin #wegotyourcolor #stretchmeshfabric #skintonemesh #skintonespandex #fleshtonefabric #taosh #taoshdesigns

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