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RED WHITE and BLUE Twinkies

My BCCDC Summer Program kids were fascinated by cool cake decorating. On one of the ever so inspiring YouTube videos, a cake decorator demonstrated how to create a marble color fondant for a cake. This sparked a great idea and we quickly ditched our original 4th of July art painting project. Let's make a marble 4th of July cake!!!! Ummm, I don't think so kiddos. Now, we do not bake cakes with the children so I had to improvise a little. So, I need something with no icing that is much like a cake. Yet, small enough for little kids hands to cover with fondant. How about Twinkies?!? And the kids said, "Yeah, Twinkies!". I already had red and blue fondant from a previous craft where we used the fondant as play dough and experimented with mixing colors. I still needed white fondant. As one can imagine, we had to YouTube how to make fondant using marshmallows. It was quick and easy. No pots, stove or multiple ingredients needed. Just marshmallows microwaved, flavored extract (optional) and powdered sugar. It turned out to be quite messy though. We used the three colors to mold a marble like ball of fondant. Each child did it their own way. I rolled it out for each of them and they did the rest. We used the smooth side of a plastic knife to cut away the excess. And here they are, Twinkies covered in independence fondant. Great Job, guys and gals! #twinkies #redwhitebluetwinkies #4thofjulytwinkies #taosh #taoshdesigns #taoshcreates #craftswithtaosh

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